Shafiei Steel

Welcome to Shafiei Steel, your local supplier for industrial and architectural steel as well as domestic furniture.

Shafiei Steel endeavors to develop and deliver bespoke products and services to multiple industries throughout the State of Qatar.

Local Market

Our company takes the initiative in advancing our environment through aesthetic steel works both publically and privately. View the video below to understand the vision Shafiei Steel shares with the rapidly developing State of Qatar.

Facts of steel

  • Considering steel’s position as the key product supplier to industries such as automotive, construction, transport, power and machine goods, and using a multiplier of 25:1, the steel industry is at the source of employment for more than 50 million people.
  • World crude steel production has increased from 851 megatons (Mt) in 2001 to 1,527 Mt in 2011. (It was 28.3 Mt in 1900).
  • World average steel use per capita has steadily increased from 150 kg in 2001 to 215 kg in 2011.
  • India, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey have all entered the top 10 steel producers list in the last 40 years.
  • All steel created as long as150 years can be recycled today and used in new products and applications.
  • By sector, global steel recovery rates for recycling are estimated at 85% for construction, 85% for automotive, 90% for machinery and 50% for electrical and domestic appliances. This leads to a global weighted average of over 70%.
“World Steel Association”

Trends in steel

Innovation and technology have transformed the steel industry into one of the world’s most competitive, sustainable and environmentally progressive industries. The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI),grows and maintains the use of steel through strategies that promote cost-effective solutions in the automotive, construction and container markets, as well as for new-growth opportunities in emerging steel markets.
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